Italian Olive Oil & Ways To Evade Fraud

Italian Olive Oil

The Italian olive oil industry is easily one of the most detailed and sometimes this may not be for all of the right reasons. While the product itself is very good, this only goes for the type of oil that are legitimate. There are many products which might have been tampered with, whether it is a matter of mixing other oils together or what have you. Whatever the case may be, there are ways for you to evade instances of fraud when it comes to this kind of oil.

The fridge test will be able to come into effect but you may be curious as to how useful this can be. When a bottle of authentic Italian olive oil is put in a refrigerator, the general rule is that the bottle in question becomes cloudy in order to signify that it is legitimate. However, various authorities in this field - Bellucci Premium being a strong example - can tell you that this process is not always useful. With many producers that winterize their products, it's hard to tell from this method.

Secondly, if you can, make sure that you buy your Italian olive oil from a local farmer. This is a great move to make, since you will be able to purchase items from someone who is nearby and has a large field to consider in the way of growing olives. When purchasing oil from far-off places or in stores, you never have a good idea of just how legitimate that particular type of oil is. As a result, going to your local grower in order to purchase the product can prove most effective.

If you are going to take it upon yourself to buy this kind of oil, make sure that it is stored in a dark bottle. Clearer bottles are not going to be as useful, since they fail to filter out sunlight, meaning that the oil within can suffer from oxidation. What this means is that all of the healthful properties within can dissipate. Darker bottles, on the other hand, are better able to keep the contents within protected from the various elements of the outside world.

With these points in mind, hopefully the process of buying olive oil is made a little bit easier for you. I have no doubt that there will always stand intimation or impure products out there, which makes it all the more important to understand how to differentiate between products. Going with a local olive grower is best but not everyone has that luxury. This is why it is that much more important to conduct research so that the best possible products will be better known.

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