What Causes Mouth Cancer? & Mouth Cancer Symptoms?

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

What is oral cancer? mouth cancer symptoms Oral cancer is a cancer that can develop in any part of the mouth including the tongue, gums, palate (roof of the mouth), under the tongue, the skin lining the mouth or lips. Oral cancer is also called oral cancer. Although oral cancer is rare in the UK, it seems more and more frequent. There are about 4,700 cases are diagnosed each year. It is twice as common in men than in women mouth cancer symptoms, it is and it is rare in people under 40. Many cases are diagnosed by dentists rather than doctors. What causes oral cancer ? A cancerous tumor starts from one abnormal cell. The exact reason why a cell becomes cancerous is unclear. It is thought that something damages or change certain genes in the cell.

This causes mouth cancer symptoms abnormal and uncontrolled cell proliferation. (See separate leaflet called What causes cancer? For details) Some people develop cancer of the mouth, for no apparent reason. However, there are certain risk factors increase the likelihood that oral cancer can develop. These include: Smoking. Oral cancer is a cancer that only has a much higher incidence in smokers than nonsmokers. The snuff or chewing betel leaf. Mouth cancer symptoms the human Papillion (HP) may increase your risk of cancer of the mouth. There are certain conditions that affect the mouth, such as leucoplast and erythroblast, which can increase the risk of developing cancer. Oral cancer is not hereditary, which is not in families.

What are the symptoms of oral cancer mouth cancer symptoms? The most common symptoms of oral cancer is a sore or ulcer in the mouth that will not heal, and the pain in the mouth that does not go away. In many cases, no changes were observed in the mouth before the cancer appears. This means that early treatment of these changes actually prevent the development of cancer.  Other symptoms include mouth cancer symptoms: White spots throughout the mouth (leucoplast). Red spots on the entire mouth (erythroblast). A lump on the lip, tongue or in the mouth or throat. Unusual bleeding or numbness in the mouth. Pain when chewing or swallowing.A feeling that something is stuck in my throat.

Unusual bleeding or numbness in the mouth. Teeth or mouth cancer symptoms uncomfortable dentures and is not adjusted. A change in voice problems or speaking. Weight loss. A lump in the neck. If the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, other symptoms may develop. All these symptoms may be due to other conditions, if the tests are necessary to confirm the diagnosis mouth cancer symptoms.


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  4. oral cancer may occur in any part of mouth and due to unbalanced lifestyles. There are some concerns and risk factors due to oral cancer occur.

  5. oral cancer may occur in any part of mouth and due to unbalanced lifestyles. There are some concerns and risk factors due to oral cancer occur.

  6. oral cancer may occur in any part of mouth and due to unbalanced lifestyles. There are some concerns and risk factors due to oral cancer occur.

  7. oral cancer may occur in any part of mouth and due to unbalanced lifestyles. There are some concerns and risk factors due to oral cancer occur

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