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Measles Pictures

Measles also known as Mobil name, English measles or measles - not to be confused with measles pictures German measles is an infection caused by a virus of the respiratory system, specifically a parathyroids of the genus Immobilizers.

Immobilizers Like other parathyroids, wrapped, single-stranded viruses, negative-sense RNA. Symptoms include fever,measles pictures cough, runny nose, red eyes, macula, erythema skin rash generalized, symptom of measles is the best known.

Measles is spread through respiration (contact with fluids from the nose and mouth of an infected person, either directly or through aerosol transmission person ),measles pictures and is highly contagious, 90% of those without Sharing living space with a catch infected person immunity. Asymptomatic incubation period produces nine to twelve days after the initial exposure.

The period of infectivity has not been definitively measles pictures established , some say it takes two to four days before to two to five days after the onset of rash (four to nine days infectivity in total), while others say it takes two four days before the complete disappearance of the eruption.

The classic signs and symptoms of measles include fever measles pictures four days [ s 4 D '] and three C - cough, Cory (common cold ) and conjunctivitis (red eyes ) - as well as fever, anorexia, and rash. The fever may reach up to 40 ° C (104 ° F).

Obelisks' spots seen inside the mouth are pathogen ( diagnostic ) for measles but are not often seen, even in real cases of measles, because they are transient and measles pictures may disappear one day arise .The characteristic measles rash is classically described as an erythema macula rash, generalized that begins several days after the onset of fever.

It starts behind the ears and,measles pictures after a few hours, spread to the head and neck before spreading to cover most of the body, often causing itching. The measles rash appears two to four days after the first symptoms and lasts eight days. The rash is said to stain, changing color from red to dark brown, before disappearing measles pictures.

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