Why everyone must know mumps symptoms ?

mumps symptoms
mumps symptoms

mumps symptoms

mumps symptoms

The  mumps symptoms probable outbreak of mumps has increased by 22 cases, including at least one in Saddle Brook, and most of those affected are related to Janis in Delmar bar , officials said Thursday the health of mumps symptoms Monmouth County .The Department of Health of Monmouth County , said he reported a further 15 cases of probable mumps , bringing the number of 22 cases, the department investigates .

Of these , the vast majority - 20 cases - either working or attending the mumps symptoms popular bar facing the beach in recent weeks. One of those affected is a kindergarten, according to a statement from the ministry of health of the county.No D ' Janis could not be reached immediately for comment mumps symptoms.

Among those who have symptoms of mumps , half are Monmouth County , the other half live outside the province , including one in Florida, the department said ." Since yesterday, 15 people with symptoms of mumps - as presented, " Michael Eddies ,mumps symptoms county coordinator of public health , said in a statement. "Medical professionals advise these people to stay in bed, increase fluid intake and take measures to reduce fever . "

People who reported symptoms of mumps - as living in the county are Asbury Park, Delmar, Farmingdale, four Howell mumps symptoms, Report , three Long Branch, Neptune City, Tinto Falls and Wall Township, the department said .

Apart from Saddle Brook, reported symptoms of mumps among people living in Woodbridge, Greensburg , Emerson, Lawrenceville, Point Pleasant and Port mumps symptoms Saint Lucie , Florida.Meddis said in the statement that the investigation is ongoing as new cases and determine the source of transmission and identify close personal contact .

People who have been vaccinated with the MR - measles, mumps and rubella - vaccine as a baby and again between 4 and 6 years are 90 percent less likely to contract mumps, according to the Centers for Disease Control.Symptoms of infection include swelling of the salivary glands , fever , headache , muscle aches , fatigue and loss of mumps symptoms appetite. Mumps is spread by saliva or mucus from the mouth , nose or throat of an infected person , according to the statement .

The measles, mumps and rubella vaccine given in childhood and still understood between 4 and 6 years a person pays 90 percent less likely to get the mumps , according to the Centers for Disease Control.Transmission of mumps virus probably occurs before the Mumps symptoms salivary glands begin to swell and within five days after the swelling begins. Therefore, the CDC recommends isolation of mumps patients for five days after their glands begin to swell , the statement said .

Anyone with these symptoms should contact their health care professional immediately mumps symptoms.

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