Magnesium Threonate / Why Is It Useful?

Magnesium Threonate

Magnesium is a mineral found in magnesium threonate abundance in the body. Besides being needed for over 300 biochemical reactions, magnesium is involved in the production of many proteins and functionsfrom metabolism important for cardiovascular and bone health energy.

Foods like nuts and leafy vegetables are especially good sources of magnesium, and are also found in whole grains, legumes, seeds, other vegetables, magnesium threonate dairy products and meats. His thought, however, that most people do not consume enough magnesium in the diet and may benefit from supplementation . Vitacost Magnesium L threonate has a patented form of magnesium called Magtein.

Magtein clinically studied for their potential benefits of absorption compared with other forms of magnesium. How does the health supporting magnesium ? Important for bone health Supports cardiovascular health Helps maintain blood pressure already within the normal range. Helps maintain normal nerve magnesium threonate function and Assist in protein synthesis and muscle energy production helps calcium absorption.

Why choose Vitacost L magnesium Magtein threonate ? Features a patented form of magnesium a clinical study: 2,000 mg L magnesium MagteinSupplies threonate serve for 3 capsules
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