Who Should Get THIS IPV Vaccine ?

IPV Vaccine

The inactivated ipv vaccine is called or IP, for short.The vaccine contains an ( inactive) form of dead poliovirus . The vaccine can not cause polio. After receiving, the body learns to attack the polio virus, if the person is exposed to it. As a result, the person is unlikely to become ill with polio.

Who should get THIS ipv vaccine.

Polio is no longer produced in the United States. But it is still common in other parts of the world . Because global travel can spread the disease, vaccination against polio is still important. VP is one of the recommended childhood immunizations. Almost all states require proof that the child has received IP before starting school ipv vaccine.

Children should receive four doses ( shots) of IP. One dose must be received in each of the following ages. Children who received three doses of IP before age 4 should receive a fourth dose before or at the time of school entry. The fourth dose is not necessary if third dose was received at the end of four years.

IP may be administered by injection itself. Or it can be combined with other ipv vaccine administered as a single injection. The doctor can tell you what the appropriate vaccine for your child .Adults are not given a booster unless they are likely to be in places where we know that this disease occurs.

Vaccine against polio is not recommended for people over 18 years. Exceptions are unvaccinated health care workers, laboratory technicians, or others ipv vaccine exposed to the virus. People who have received a dose of IPV and developed an allergy to this product.

People who are allergic to the antibiotic neomycin, streptomycin, Olympian B. The vaccine contains small amounts of these antibiotics .people who are sick with something more serious than a cold or fever, you should reprogram your ipv vaccine vaccination until they recover.
SIDE EFFECTS. Most people who get IPV have problems later. There may be mild pain and redness at the injection site.

Serious problems of domestic violence are rare and are mainly due to allergic reactions parts of the ipv vaccine.Tell your doctor if you or your child has had problems with the first dose of IPV (vaccine) before programming the second.

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