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CML Prognosis

CML prognosis Chronic myeloid leukemia or CML is classified into three phases on the basis of clinical signs and laboratory findings. The phase in which the patient arrives at the hospital and treatment is initiated is directly related outcomes for patients in terms of prognosis and survival. CML starts with a long chronic phase that can last up to CML prognosis several consecutive years of the acceleration phase,

Which is the natural progression of the disease due to the acquisition of additional chromosomal abnormality other than Philadelphia chromosome. The last step is the explosive crisis that is more or less acute leukemia and the patient leading to rapid mortality deteriorates CML prognosis considerably. The treatment of CML and the survival rate depends largely on the stage of the cancer.

If diagnosed in the chronic phase of growth can be stopped. Once the acceleration phase transition to blast crisis is imminent and the result is poor. Classification of CML. chronic phase CML prognosis. i hope gad recovery every one. As large as 85% of new cases are diagnosed in the chronic phase of CML. Disease at this stage is asymptomatic with no or very few signs and symptoms such as fever, malaise, lethargy, bone pain and CL prognosis stomach pain. If there is no medical procedure is performed in this phase CML progresses to accelerated phase.

Accelerated phase. The accelerated phase CL is diagnosed by the WHO classification based on the monitoring of laboratory results and clinical signs and symptoms. Presence of the following conditions is sufficient for the classification of CL in CML prognosis accelerated as cancer phase.

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