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Omnivox Ste Foy

fifty years ago, omnivox ste foy a new complex at the CE de Sainted Foy became, opened its doors to students. Where fields not only had a few years ago, several pavilions come out of the ground to form. The new campus of the Academy of Quebec This Catholic institution, you will be good, omnivox ste foy the ancestor of our school, sat since 1862 within the walls of Old Quebec.

the Spence of this school its very helpful to build your live.
Since 1915 omnivox ste foy, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, managers of the Academy, offered young in training time before college. Formerly the Commercial Academy of Quebec and the only goal of the primary and secondary education was called in English.

In the 60s, the Quebec government is changing and the birth rate exploded . Five years after enlargement in Sainted Foy, the Academy became a university as a result of the secularization of education. omnivox ste foy The May 22, 1961, began construction of the first houses ( A to F ).

In the heart of the quiet revolution
Sainte Foy is one of the top 12 universities in Quebec. Today, the number 48 throughout the territory of the province. During the first class year omnivox ste foy, approximately 1,200 students discover their new school environment.

The arrival of a secular and inclusive post-secondary education sees the arrival of women in higher education. The formation of a paltry 13 % of the student population in 1967, reaching 60 % forty years later. omnivox ste foy A real breakthrough!

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